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About Me

Nick Vinnicombe - Owner of Lake Affect Media

Hi, I’m Nick Vinnicombe

Owning a business was long a dream of mine. I recall at one point in my childhood trying to convince my parents to let me turn a shed into a toy store. Much like my early interest in entrepreneurship, I’ve been using cameras from a very young age. As soon as I could reach my Dad’s digital camera on the counter I was hiking into the woods near our home to take photos. This turned into making goofy videos with my friends, then taking many Communication Technology courses in High School. These courses opened my eyes to the possibility of a career in the media industry. 

In 2014, while driving home from a part time job I heard an ad for the Summer Company program. A Government program aimed at helping young people start businesses. It’s with this investment and guidance that I started my business. I initially called the business “Vinnicombe Production Studio”. It wasn’t long before people started hiring me, and I got my first taste of being a business owner. 

During my second of two years at Loyalist College, taking their Film and Television course, I rebranded the business to Lake Affect Media. I graduated from the three year program in 2018 and immediately returned to Huron County to continue running my business. It has been an amazing journey to say the least! Lake Affect Media is still young, and I have a lot planned for the future. This is your chance to grow with me! Reach out today for a consultation on how I can help you.


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